A luxury you can afford using only high-quality cosmetics for a flawless  finish


Price List for Bridal and Special Occasion Services:  


Bridal make up Trial: 80 pounds

Bridal hair trial: 80 pounds

Bridal hair and make up Trial: 100 pounds

Bridal hair and make up Trial incorporating 2 hairstyles: 130 pounds

Bridal hair and make up Trial incorporating 2 makeup looks and 2 hairstyles 150 pounds


Bridal Second Trial Session: 100 pounds

Bridesmaids/Wedding party make up Trial per person: 55 pounds

Bridesmaids/Wedding party Hair up Trial per person: 55 pounds

Bridesmaids/Wedding party Hair and Make Up Trial: 80 pounds

Wedding Day Service 

All Make up includes application of artificial strip eyelashes


Bridal make up on the day: 150 pounds

Bridal hair on the day: 150 pounds

Bridal hair and make up on the day: 260 pounds

A relaxing, skin smoothing and glowing face mask can be applied prior to makeup application:

20 pounds 

Bridal Package Silver 430 pounds: 

1 Bridal trial, Bridal hair and make up with Artificial eyelashes incorporating 2 hairstyles and make up touch up  (totals 6 hours in total on location) 

Bridal Package Gold 500 pounds:

1 Bridal trial, Bridal hair and make up with Artificial eyelashes incorporating 2 hairstyles and 2 make up looks with touch up (totals 8 hours in total on location)

Bridal Package Platinum 600 pounds: 

1 Bridal trial, Bridal hair and makeup with Artificial eyelashes incorporating 3 hairstyles and unlimited makeup looks with touch up (itotals 10 hours on location) 

Bridesmaids/Wedding party Makeup only on the day per person: 55 pounds

Bridesmaids/Wedding party Hair up only on the day per person: 55 pounds

Bridesmaids/Wedding party Hair and Makeup on the day per person: 90 pounds

Mother of the Bride Makeup only on the day: 55 pounds

Mother of the Bride Hair up only on the day: 55 pounds 

Mother of the Bride Hair and Makeup on the day: 90 pounds 

Flower girls under 12 Hair only: 20 pounds 

Flower girls under 12 Hair and light makeup (Blusher and lipstick) 30 pounds 


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot hair and makeup only (No follow up on location service) 150 pounds 

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 6 hours in total on location:  350 pounds

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 8 hours in total on location: 450 pounds

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 10 hours in total on location: 500 pounds 

Special Occasion make up:  60 pounds

Special Occasion Hair Up: 60 pounds

Special Occasion Hair and Make Up: 110 pounds

One to one makeup lesson 120 pounds 3 hour session 

150 pounds 5 hour session 


Appointments will not usaually begin earlier than 6am.  Public Holiday and appointments before 6am 30 pounds Surcharge will be added.


No charge for Travel expense within 5 miles Radius of Dartford. Travel expense will need to be included if Venue is more than 5 miles outside of Dartford.  

Can Travel into London, Kent, Surrey and surrounding counties.  

A charge of 20 pounds travelling fee is applied for visit to the Venue + 50p per mile for a return Journey.  Prices are calculated from our location based in Dartford outside of the 5 miles radius.

I can travel to other counties in the UK, as an overnight stay will be necessary, there will be a charge for one nights hotel stay plus travelling expense to cover the mileage to the Venue.   Please contact me for a detailed quote. 




By accepting the booking you are accepting to terms and conditions below:


Once you have made an enquiry and all relevant information has been received, we will supply a quote and confirm availability.

For both wedding and special occasion bookings, once you have confirmed you want to book with Touch of Radiance, a deposit of 50% is payable in advance to confirm your booking.   Unpaid deposits will result in your date not being secured.  The outstanding balance is to be paid 7 days before the actual date of event. 

The booking fee covers all administration and secures your date.  Please note that the booking is not final until the booking fee has been paid in full and Touch of Radiance has confirmed receipt of it.  

The booking payment must be paid within 48 hours of availability being confirmed as after this time has expired, you will need to recheck availability.  The booking fee is non refundable and non transferable and shall be applied towards the total fee for the services and will be set out in the payment schedule. 


Trial fee is to be paid via bank transfer upon booking the trial date, please use your name as a reference and inform us that you have made payment, we will then confirm receipt in writing. 

The trial fee is payable no less than 7 days before the trial date.  Please allow up to 4 hours for the whole trial. This trial fee is not refundable.

Once the trial is completed and you would like to book our services for your wedding day/special event, a deposit of 50% will need to be paid to secure the date (this can be paid in cash at the trial or paid via Bank Transfer) and the remainder of the balance due for the services shall be paid 7 days before the wedding date via bank transfer.   In the event that the client fails to remit payment as specified, Touch of Radiance have the right to immediately terminate the Agreement with no further obligation to refund money. 

Last minute bookings (those with 4 weeks or less until the date of event) full payment is payable on the day of enquiry to secure the date.


Special Occasion Hair and Make Up is timed for 3 hours maximum.


If for any reason you would like to cancel the booking, the deposit is fully refundable if cancellation is requested up to 6 weeks before your wedding/booking date. Any cancellations occurred under stated period are non-refundable. 


For private client (non - brides) bookings for party/night out/ special occasion makeup and hair services the cancellation is non-refundable if the cancellation is requested less that 7 days prior to the booking date.  

Travel to Venue within 5 mile Radius of Dartford is free. 

Travel expense of 20 pounds is applied for bookings located outside of the 5 mile Radius.  Additional fee charged at the rate of £ 0.50p per mile for the return journey.

This fee also applies to the trial run if arranged on location other than my home in Dartford.

Additional charges may apply for congestion charge zone and parking fees.  For bookings which require a very early start time, or if the travelling distance is over 2.5 hours from my home address, I

overnight accommodation the night before may be required to ensure a prompt and fresh start. Expense will be covered by client which can be discussed during the booking process. 

Image Usage

Please note that pictures will be taken at trials and on the wedding day and may be featured on our website and social media, should you prefer us not to use your pictures for this purpose please ensure to make this clear.


The client hereby agrees that Touch of Radiance Bridal Hair and Makeup may publish, exhibit and use images from the event for marketing purposes. 


Please ensure you notify the Artist of any known allergies or illnesses that may cause a reaction to any hair or cosmetic product being applied prior to application.  If necessary, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test for reactions, so a consultation is highly recommended prior to the event date.  The client hereby agrees to release Touch of Radiance Bridal Hair and makeup from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions. 

Lashes are included in the Makeup costs, they are applied with latex glue for easy removal, which can be removed with an oil based eye makeup remover or Miscellar water.   Please do notify us if anyone suffers with latex allergies.


On location requirements

The location of the Hair and Makeup Service to be carried out for the day of the event will need to have the following:  


A set of table/work area to be made available for the Artist to lay out all the products, tools and equipment.

Working electrical sockets must be made available for plugging in the appliances such as tongs and heated rollers.

The room must have ample lighting, preferably by a window to allow for optimal natural lighting in order for the makeup service to be performed properly.

Please also remember to wear a top that is buttoned or a dressing gown for easy removal once the hair and makeup is completed.